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Lots of Know-how to Guide You Safely

The Change Process in the DolphinUniverse

We’ve packed our whole experience with changes of the last 20 years into straightforward templates. Step by step – from start to end – just as easy as it sounds. From identifying your constraint to implementing a more productive form of flow. Just two out of many templates – optimal fit for your business:

Fast&Furious – Agile Multi Project Portfolio

Not just one project or initiative but a whole bunch of them? Or you are already agile and want to scale or power it up for projects. 
Go for this.

Your Pace – Sustainable Growth in Your Speed

Find out where your constraint is and how to manage it. Operations, Project, or Sales/Marketing – implement the optimal Flow – step by step.
Go for this.

Get Ready for a

Deep Change

The DolphinUniverse Process in a Nutshell

Key Factors for Effective Change

Core ideas rely on self-organization and applications of the theory of constraints

You have to change yourself. But some guidance and support from experienced professionals will help

Standardized templates include a lot of experience and best practice, which makes it easily adjustable to individual situations

In future, we build a community of users and supporters to refine and build new templates – easy change for everyone

Dolphins in the Open Sea

Telco (Telefonica Brazil) responsible for 10Mio Customers

Dolphins in the Open Sea

Product development of measuring
instruments for fault detection in supply networks –
200 employees, 40 developers